Top Cats

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You can join this team by entering 2029 as your team number. You can have your favorite cat ... or dog featured on this "famous friends of people" page by emailing a modest sized JPG picture to We would like to enroll at least one member from each continent and are searching for our first hamster member. (The cats voted for a hamster ... the dogs want a rabbit)


Coco (Curt)

Bart (James)

Julia (Belle Star)

Tuppence (Bob B)

Widget (JoBert)

Marmie (Marco)

Peanut (Curt)

Casper (Jane)

Dutchess (Cheerie4)


Pepsi (PepsiDawgDad)



Casper (Twiggy)

Rocky (Pegisus)
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Pegasus (Pegisus)

Top Cats already made famous by joining this team. (Team number 2029)
Occasionally even a dog (or some other beast) makes it as a Top Cat.
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