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Evian, France (6/2000)

Bike Trips

Southern France 2000 - Pictures of May-June bike trip to southern France
Europe (Italy, etc.) 1997 - Pictures of May-June bike trip to Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
Colorado Mountain Biking 1998 - Pictures of mountain biking in Colorado in September
Scotland Biking 1998 - Pictures of biking in Scotland
Wisconsin River Bike Trip 1998 - Arena - Muscoda - Arena (the long way)
Monroe Trip 1998 - Albany - Monroe - Gov. Dodge 1998
Wisconsin River Bike Trip 1997 - Pictures of a bike trip to the Wisconsin River
Misc. Biking 1998 - Misc. Pictures of 1998 Wisconsin bike trips
Bike Tours - This site documents bike touring in Wisconsin, Australia and New Zealand. (Scott Ellington)
Bike Tours - A supurb site that documents many self-supported tours in Europe and around the world (Norman D. Ford)

Madison Wisconsin Area Biking

Wednesday Night Bike Rides - Informal bike rides every Wednesday night (during daylight savings time)
Bombay Bicycle Club - Madison's long time bicycle club (many rides and some social functions)
Bicycling Community Page - Information on biking in Wisconsin and more

Madison Wisconsin Linked Loops Bike Rides

Capital City Loop - A ride looping south of Madison on the Capital City Trail
Wingra Loop - A short, but very nice ride around Lake Wingra
Monona Loop - A very pleasant ride around Lake Monona
University Loop - A combination of quiet lakeside & downtown scenery
SW Trail Loop - A surprisingly scenic and tranquil ride

Gearing For Non-Racers

Gearing made easy - A simple guide for recreational bikers

Bike Sites

World Wide Bicycling Guide - Collection of information on biking many places in the world
Cyclingforum - A forum for discussing biking technology
VeloNews - News about cycle racing

Bike Equipment

Nashbar - Bike (and volleyball) equipment
Performance - Bike equipment

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